1. Apa itu “gauge”

  1. This article is about gauges (gages) in engineering. For other uses, see Gauge (disambiguation). For the other spelling, see Gage (disambiguation).

In engineering, a gauge or gage, is used to make measurements. Various types of gauges include:

a: a measurement (as of linear dimension) according to some standard or system: as (1): the distance between the rails of a railroad (2): the size of a shotgun barrel’s inner diameter nominally expressed as the number of lead balls each just fitting that diameter required to make a pound <a 12-gauge shotgun> (3): the thickness of a thin material (as sheet metal or plastic film) (4): the diameter of a slender object (as wire or a hypodermic needle) (5): the fineness of a knitted fabric expressed by the number of loops per unit width b:dimensions, sizec:measure 1 <surveys are a gauge of public sentiment>


: an instrument for or a means of measuring or testing: as a : an instrument for measuring a dimension or for testing mechanical accuracy b : an instrument with a graduated scale or dialect for measuring or indicating quantity


: relative position of a ship with reference to another ship and the wind


: a function introduced into a field equation to produce a convenient form of the equation but having no observable physical consequences

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Examples of GAUGE

  1. The broadest gauge of the economy—the gross domestic product, adjusted for inflation—has risen little more than 4% since the recovery began. —Alfred L. Malabre, Jr., Wall Street Journal, 26 July 1993

Origin of GAUGE

Middle English gauge, from Anglo-French

First Known Use: 15th century

Rhymes with GAUGE

age, cage, gage, Gage, mage, page, rage, sage, stage, swage, wage


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